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Photo 2 from Oliver the Cat

Photo 2 from Oliver the Cat

I guess 2 can’t be published at once
Again, for the kids’ book sing-along, contact JD Walsh :
I did the illustrations – Marilynn Tebbit


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November 30, 2013 · 8:48 am

See Previous Oliver

See Previous Oliver

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November 30, 2013 · 8:45 am

Scenes from JD Walsh’s Oliver the Cat, illustrated by me, Marilynn Tebbit

Got young kids? They’ll love singing along with the CD (included), “Where’s Oliver, Oliver the cat?” Contact JD (not the famous JD) Walsh to procure your copy.

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November 30, 2013 · 8:39 am

1st Installment of “Adult Alpha Tales” inspired by the series for kids

Adult Alpha Tales


Marilynn Tebbit



A     Anal artist Ann ached to analyze artistic arrangements of apricots and apples – always in April, when the angle of the sun aimed at her atrium accentuated her art. Her aunt adjudicated Ann’s work as awful, but Ann acclimated to the antagonistic accolades, and advanced. When Andy, her amour, advised acquiring a lot of artistic advice, she acquiesced, and assayed straight for an accredited academy. All her new audience allowed her more attitude and accosted her with astute evaluations, and announced her anagrams allegorical. One August, she became rather acclaimed, after airing a piece called, “Angels in Autumn.” Ann accepted her award with an arrogant aplomb, and asked if anyone would appreciate appetizers of acorns and avocados to celebrate. At last, she’d arrived. But, as result, she acquired abulia from fear that never again would she be so adept at achieving the aeries of her aforementioned acumen, and airbrushed no more.  An army couldn’t get Ann to sketch so much as an arrow.    


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My Avatar


My avatar is, and has been, my companion for 24 years. I brought him home when he was 3&1/2 months old and continued his handfeedings until… well, until now. The only difference between the adult and the fledgling is that he augments his warm mushy food diet with nuts, seeds, rice, vegetables, and eggs that he eats himself.

He tests my steady hand when painting. I have learned not to flinch when he suddenly screams in response to a real or imagined threat outside the window. When I write, I have to think above his chatter.

This bird has also taught me much about relationships. He can’t be bought off with cool toys or basic provisions or how much fun we had yesterday. He needs cuddles and attention on a regular basis or I am dirt.

A macaw—like any pet or person—can be really annoying. That’s where love has to kick in to carry the relationship. Why do I love him? Because he’s beautiful? Mischievous? Intelligent and interactive? I don’t know. But unless I felt so much emotion for him, he’d just be loud and messy. For the same mysterious reason, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been attracted to birds and have always had one.

A large parrot certainly adds a ludicrous element to my life and is probably a big reason why I look at it with such humour!

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Anonymous Art Show on at North Vancouver Community Arts Council Gallery

Hundreds of artists have painted 8” x 8” canvasses, which are presently hanging in the gallery. They are all on sale for $100.00 each. The purchase price is shared equally between the gallery and the artist. When you buy the painting, you get to see who created the work afterwards, as no one is allowed to look at the artist’s name until after the purchase is made. None are signed on the front. All are signed on the back. I personally have three pieces in the show.

This event is continuing until December 21st, 2013. There’s no need to wait to take your painting home. The opening night—which was the 21st of November—was a super success. You will see many blank spots on the walls from already purchased works.

Come and get a painting before it’s too late and they are all gone!

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Author photo for Pool Party

Author photo for Pool Party.

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