1st Installment of “Adult Alpha Tales” inspired by the series for kids

Adult Alpha Tales


Marilynn Tebbit



A     Anal artist Ann ached to analyze artistic arrangements of apricots and apples – always in April, when the angle of the sun aimed at her atrium accentuated her art. Her aunt adjudicated Ann’s work as awful, but Ann acclimated to the antagonistic accolades, and advanced. When Andy, her amour, advised acquiring a lot of artistic advice, she acquiesced, and assayed straight for an accredited academy. All her new audience allowed her more attitude and accosted her with astute evaluations, and announced her anagrams allegorical. One August, she became rather acclaimed, after airing a piece called, “Angels in Autumn.” Ann accepted her award with an arrogant aplomb, and asked if anyone would appreciate appetizers of acorns and avocados to celebrate. At last, she’d arrived. But, as result, she acquired abulia from fear that never again would she be so adept at achieving the aeries of her aforementioned acumen, and airbrushed no more.  An army couldn’t get Ann to sketch so much as an arrow.    



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