Effeminate Ed likes to evacuate.  Every evening he uses an enema to ensure his entrails are empty. After that, he expectorates, exfoliates, and effuses on emollients. Also to eradicate toxins, he eats edibles like endive and eggs, and extols Echinacea.  He eschews enchiladas, and everything ethnic. Ed the epitome of elegance, emblazoned in emeralds, enshrines himself in the East End. An electronics engineer from England’s upper echelons, he edifies the area with his extraordinary evergreen and edelweiss Eden.  Essentially, though, his ecological environment, complete with estuaries and earthworm encrusted escarpments, evokes the impression of evil. Eagles encamp in ebony edifices, eager to eat ermines. This engenders Ed very emotional, especially at Easter, an electrifying experience he’s enlightened by at the Emanuel Temple.  When he finally expires, his epitaph will likely elaborate on his enthusiasm about everything, even Elsie, who, with too much extra energy to exist with only one man, treats everyone equally – especially in the sexual sense.  She exemplifies Eros, and established early on in their relationship that she needed her freedom to elope with everyone.  Such an elusive soul mate exasperates Ed, but he accepts the existence he ended up with. 


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