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Thrill! Life’s Goal/Dream Come True

Thrill! Life's Goal/Dream Come True

I just ordered my own novel – my first – on line. What a thrill, searching for it on Kobo, and finding it. Pool Party is now released. All of $6. Take a risk. Try it out. It was liked enough to get published. I did NOT self-publish. I’ll follow with some excerpts tomorrow. Right now, I need to leave for a busy day before my book launch tonight. #6888 Royal Oak in Burnaby at 7:00 if anyone can make it.


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January 31, 2014 · 11:38 am

This was on TV

This was on TV

“Life is often a series of disappointments where reality falls short of hope” (a quote from William Dietrich’s Blood of the Reich) (he’s one of 36 Seattle authors who collaboratively wrote Hotel Angeline. Awesome book; awesome content. The other 35 are on my to-read list)
However, that certainly wasn’t the case for me yesterday, as I opened my mail box and found a royalty check from my art rentals. The picture you see was on TV somewhere. Check out what the North Vancouver Community Arts Council has to offer ( I have a page there, or check me out at

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January 30, 2014 · 10:14 am

How Do You Know Which?

The more I learn, the less I’m sure of. I’m only aware of more possibilities & I can’t always tell which is going on. “…men naturally resented one of their own who was able to do what they could not – or would not”  [Susan Isaacs] [tho the ‘phenomenon’ has been given voice by many] Yet, aren’t the achievers the trail blazers who people claim they need as heroes? & to look up to as role models? Sometimes, going above and beyond creates enemies cz other people feel they look bad by comparison, and who likes feeling less? Other times, the go-getters/extra-contributors are appreciated for providing the coat-tails that chauffeur the whole team up a notch higher. If one doesn’t achieve one’s perceived potential, people get angry & say the person is wasting his talent. If he doesn’t [waste his talent & pushes himself to the max], he could just as easily be accused as showing off and admonished to give others a chance. 

So. We can stand in the middle looking clueless, or pick a side. & always be wrong. As the proverb goes, You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but we can hope to strike a right chord for some people sometimes [I changed the words]. But most importantly, to thine own self (& one’s mood at the moment – part of self) be true, as long as we’re not stepping on others. 

So many fine lines to trip over.

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Unique hyperbole

Following are a few of my fav’s from Susan Isaacs’ Past Perfect.

“…you’d be visiting a place where the government thinks the best cure for creativity is death.”

“Having been raised in Manhattan, I wasn’t very good at estimating acreage, but while the houses on Plantation Way didn’t appear to have enough land to grow cotton, each stood proudly independent from its neighbours.” & in that ‘hood, ” the house itself was an example of suburban sprawl.” The narrator herself admitted that she was, “out of her element in an area with any more than three trees.”

Narrator’s memory of sex with a man with dry hands: “they’d been so rough that during foreplay I’d sometimes felt more exfoliated than stimulated.”

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Aghhhhh. Watch out for the land!!
What’s perfectly safe for the executor may not always seem so to the on-looker.
(unphotoshopped. I don’ t know how [to photoshop])
No explosions.

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January 26, 2014 · 10:31 pm

Sometimes, I Love Progress

Sometimes, I Love Progress

Remember back in the day when people weren’t allowed to eat or drink in the library? Now, at the West Vancouver Library, we can PURCHASE the most inexpensive espresso (my fav; many other selections are avail) right there in its coffee shop. The branch even looks like a mountain chalet & is located so close to the the amazing Ambleside on the water. So after taking my 8 lb laptop for a sea side stroll, I luxuriated and sipped in these cozy environs while writing on Walter & Susan, my next novel. I love this job. Hope it pays soon. (check out Pool Party, released this Fri Jan 31)

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January 25, 2014 · 10:39 am

Inside of Camellia

Inside of Camellia

Only one photo/blogs fits – that I’ve discovered. Let me know if more are possible.

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January 23, 2014 · 9:21 am