For Ballet Fans: comments on “First Position” (movie)

“First Position” shows the results of dreams, passion, talent, long practice hours, injuries, lots of money (1 tu-tu (some) = cost of 1 wedding dress, so many moms learn to sew. 1 $80 pair of pointe shoes get chewed up on the floor every day. 1 childhood of lessons=a few college degrees), amazing parental dedication, drive, hard work, and over-stretching: incredible & beautiful dancing and the thrill of dreams coming true. We see so much actual footage of the dancing.

The best dancers in the world gather to compete for $50,000 scholarships for the best ballet schools, or jobs with ballet companies (when they’re doing more laying off than hiring). The result: either ruin in a moment, or success. Some dancers blossom with an audience. Some crumble and stiffen with nerves, and fall or flub. 

The movie follows several of the dancers & their personal stories of how they got to the semi-finals and finals of NY’s most prestigious competition. One dancer was a black girl from a war-torn country in Africa in such poor health that she was barely alive when adopted by an older white American couple. A winner. She didn’t let her skin spots keep her from trying. 

After seeing this, I was reminded to be grateful that I was born a writer and artist than a dancer. Computers, paint, and jury fees are much cheaper than studio rentals and private lessons (in addition to the above-mentioned)

I’d highly recommend the watch.


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