Assumptions & Experiments

How our experience affects our assumptions and determine how we see – even when operating technical equipment. In my experience, DVDs used to be inserted by placing them on a tray that slid out. Fairly recently, I purchased a TV with a built in DVD player that’s a slot in the slot into which the DVD is nudged and the machine sucks it in to play. A friend bought an even newer TV with a DVD player separate. She hadn’t yet used it when I took her up on a movie night invitation. I brought the movie and inserted it into the slot. Odd. The machine wasn’t sucking it in. I flicked it in further until it disappeared, but still, no movie played. I fiddled with the remote. A tray popped out. Empty. Ooops. I realized my error. Against her protests, I found a screwdriver and removed the cover and recovered the DVD. We watched and enjoyed “Knight and Day” – unscratched from its adventure – starring Tom Cruise and Carmen Diaz. Cleverly and humourously “choreographed”, I want to say because of all the “set ups” in the orchestrated action. Spies, counter spies; who are the good/bad guys, what are they doing and why, which is gradually revealed. Great light entertainment for New Year’s Eve. Next time when confronting new equipment, I may glance at the instructions, though probably not, since this had a happy ending and I didn’t have to pay a repair bill.


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