Bumbling, Discoveries, & Improvement

Keep on keeping AT something; how you get good. Or, at least, better. (as in on the internet/social media: things “e”. Adding paint to canvas) Solutions often materialize by starting at something or doing the same thing again and again. Something new will be noticed (new icons to click on which I previously thought were decorations. these take you places) or the body will learn something all by itself (like my toes are learning what to do the more often I put on my new Vibrams. Initially, getting them on was a 15 min sweaty workout in itself. I can now slip them on in minutes). So, never give up. Never quit. If you do, start again. After 30 years of writing novels, I got published. The first comes out Jan 31. & there’ll be more about that. & with that philosophy (keep on keeping on), good thing I never got into smoking or drugs. As with English grammar, every rule has exceptions.


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