Rowing in Whitecaps

Ah, to be out on the water, rowing – as the rest of Canada is colder than Mars. As well as too much fun – esp on choppy waves – the sea is also a great source of negative ions (& a cold bath if you’re unlucky, but I stayed free of salt water). Negative ions, found at the seashore, by waterfalls, in forests, and anywhere plants grow in heavy concentrations, positively affect hormones, such as serotonin, and decrease stress hormones. Negative ions directly inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi  – kill it – (which explains why negative ions are used in air filtration systems. Everyone in Florida has a negative ion/ozone machine, where I first picked up mine. Mold is a little pervasive with all the hurricane flooding). Negative ions are also great for cleansing the air of perfumes. Allergy sufferers love negative ion machines. We breathe. Negative ions strengthen the immune system and increase athletic performance over the long term. Positive ions boost it for the short term & produce a sense of excitement, but leave people exhausted when the adrenals crash. Negative ions increase cheerfulness & vitality, improve sleep, vitamin utilization, and mental sharpness. 

Hmm, improve sleep. Next time I go overboard on the espresso, I’ll have to remember to turn on my negative ionizer before bed. 


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