Electronic Frustrations

You never know what will work – especially on things electronic. 50% of what you try could be incorrect and the other half sloppily blundered and the task may still be accomplished (on-line job application). Other times, 1% could be over-looked and nothing will work (inviting friends to an event – a book launch – on FaceBook and not realizing all those boxes have to be clicked on). And worst, the twitch of a finger before you’ve read a pop-up of information can eradicate important cover-art files forever – from one place but not from another, which is the really puzzling thing. I can access them from Word when I’m in e-mail but not when I’m in Word. When I send them to myself and try to copy them/download – whatever – in Word, I’m told they already exist. I “replace” them; I don’t. These can’t be recovered. I try copying and pasting but all I get is a little box with commands I don’t want and don’t work anyway. HOURS are wasted trying something 20 different ways. 

Life as a crap shoot has certainly transferred itself to electronic life. & that, sadly, is where most of my life is these days. I had more time before this @!#@$#%$^&*(&^$&^%$#$^$%$^$#%^%$ computer age & swear I got more accomplished. 

But nevertheless, I keep my same philosophy – most of the time. I give whatever I have to do my best try, even if that means quitting and going back at “it” tomorrow. Then, if I still can’t get the job done, I quit for good, and go pay a professional or find the person/office on foot. With all the money we spent on technology and upgrading technology & time learning how to use the stuff, we could fly to other cities. Improved quality of life? or a new slavery? Not sure.

Katie Fannin is another MuseItUp author who blogs at Kfbreene.com .  Check her out.



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2 responses to “Electronic Frustrations

  1. Hi Marilynn, can you do me a favor and please take my real name off that post? I’d rather not people find my pen name through my real name. Google tells all. Thank you!

    • I’m so sorry. I just saw this now. I suppose it’s a little late to do anything but when I get to a desk top I can maybe look for the post & try. Am blogging on phone 1st time.

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