At least have the courage to check “it” out

Don’t waste your time being intimidated by something you think is too awesome when you look at it from far away. Often, it isn’t so scary or grand up close. When I was doing door to door sales last summer, at the end of a country cul de sac stood a Swiss ski chalet the size of a castle, dwarfing its neighbouring mansions.  Me: Eeep. I can’t go to that door. Other me: I have to. It’s on my route. What kind of coward am I? What are they going to do, shoot me? Me: There’s probably a gate. Other me: go find out. So I walked closer – and found an abandoned or squatted-in grandiose trash heap. The gate was open, the grass waved at about waist level, rusted out cars with no tires mixed in with cement blocks littered one side of the yard, the several-story-tall widows that weren’t broken were dusty, and a mess of wood garbage cluttered the inside.

Even though the end result was the same as the anticipated result (no sale), at least I overcame  a stupid fear of approaching wealth (I am not good enough to stand so close) and strengthened the habit of examining something before making assumptions or ruling something out.


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