How Do You Know Which?

The more I learn, the less I’m sure of. I’m only aware of more possibilities & I can’t always tell which is going on. “…men naturally resented one of their own who was able to do what they could not – or would not”  [Susan Isaacs] [tho the ‘phenomenon’ has been given voice by many] Yet, aren’t the achievers the trail blazers who people claim they need as heroes? & to look up to as role models? Sometimes, going above and beyond creates enemies cz other people feel they look bad by comparison, and who likes feeling less? Other times, the go-getters/extra-contributors are appreciated for providing the coat-tails that chauffeur the whole team up a notch higher. If one doesn’t achieve one’s perceived potential, people get angry & say the person is wasting his talent. If he doesn’t [waste his talent & pushes himself to the max], he could just as easily be accused as showing off and admonished to give others a chance. 

So. We can stand in the middle looking clueless, or pick a side. & always be wrong. As the proverb goes, You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but we can hope to strike a right chord for some people sometimes [I changed the words]. But most importantly, to thine own self (& one’s mood at the moment – part of self) be true, as long as we’re not stepping on others. 

So many fine lines to trip over.


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