Repatterning Emotional Reactions

Roberta M. Gilbert, M.D. in Extraordinary Relationships, said a lot to help me try relationships better. We grow up perceiving and reacting to others in the only way we think is possible. Till we encounter others who don’t share that system of feeling & behaving and think we’re whacked – only they don’t always tell us, cz we’re Canadian, eh – and politely go away, leaving us to wonder, What happened? What’s wrong with me? Or maybe he…(create excuse here). So we find a new person. Repeat. Till someone suggests a book which leads to a lifetime of reading – leaving us emotionally reprogrammed (not overnight), understanding much and feeling like we belong with… absolutely no one because who are we now? An improvement? Well. There’s more inner peace, which I appreciate more than I used to. (might as well be dead without passion)

One esp helpful tip: meeting an emotional eruption with listening ears and objectivity. After s/he’s blown off steam, discuss and solve the problem. Maybe there’s no solution beyond being heard and understood. Then laugh together. Don’t always let others set the emotional tone of the exchange. I never realized what power we have to diffuse and so set the climate when we begin interactions with others. Have fun. Isn’t that what life’s about? Not to everyone, but most people would like to smile a little more.

P.S. I’m told some people are having difficulties receiving their copies of Pool Party that they pre-ordered. Let me know. The problem will be fixed. The Kobo and Apple i-Books are for a fact working great, and I think the MustItUp Publishing site is fine, too, now that the book has been released. Happy reading. Gamble $6 for a fun and unusual read. (preview at


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