Another Adult Alpha Tale

Early on when I started my blog, I posted some of the for-adult Alpha Tales I, parodies I wrote inspired by some wonderfully silly stories for kids which over-used words beginning with the target letter. I left off around E.  F, G, H don’t say anything in particular and I’ll have to work on those, but I’ll continue with the better ones. 

I           Inquisitive Irene inspected the ibis, a new item on the inventory, interested that Islington Incorporated imagined it could inveigle people to buy such ineffably controversial meat.  But, why not?  The itinerant corporation, based on an island in the inlet, invented new things, and had imperiously marketed internecine products before.  Naturally, they purchased insurance, incase of incidents – and indictments – involving importunate reactions among the impetuous public, inanely impelled to sample such improvidences.  “Ivan, come here,” Irene implored her inamorata and colleague.  “Have you seen this?”  Ivan inched his way over, progress impeded by ice on the floor.  “The ibis?  Yeah, and I’m going to impale whatever ignoramus incited the killing of such incredible birds.”  An icon in the company, he could, with impunity, impugn such decisions on the infrastructure.  “Don’t wind up incarcerated for being impolitic,” Irene cautioned, plucking a iridescent iris from a bouquet of incandescents, intentionally imbued with impalpable cancer-causing properties just so Islington could sell inimical remedies, which themselves also caused an insidious number of interments.  “I’ll be careful,” he promised. He tenderly kissed her, even though still irascible at the injustices for ill gotten gains.  His prayers consisted of invectives of imprecations against his superiors for their inhumanity.     




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