My mind is busy with marketing my new e novel, Pool Party – what all we authors must do. How can anyone know if you don’t tell them? – so I’m not full of fresh thoughts/insights to blog, so I’ll share another bit of silly writing from my Alpha Tales: 

L          Lucky Luis won the lottery.  He lounges lackadaisically, licking lollipops by the pool, or leisurely lollygags through the lanes of London.  Lots of losers, large and little, wish they could be as lethargic.  With his load of cash, Luis bought latifundia, laptops, llamas, and a Lamborghini for long trips.  Out of laziness, he hired a lackey to do his laundry.  Lately, he’s begun to lack luster, and feels he’s losing out on real love, because ladies only lust after his luxuries.  He indulges in too much liquor, and is beginning to lose his liveliness.  Maybe if he left the country to try life in another land, like Louisiana…. Once there, he latched onto lifting weights.  When asked what he did for a living, he lied and said, “Lawyer; I’m just on a long lunch.”  Often he felt low for misleading his new friends; he’d been too lazy to learn his lessons at school, never mind read the law.  But, if his new loafing louts  got livid with him for lying, he could always re-locate.  Image


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