The power of love & words

Have nearly finished reading The Glass Castle. & appreciate my childhood so much more – even if just for the creature comforts. Author Jeannette Walls, along with her 3 siblings, endured leaky ceilings in a house precariously balanced atop a mud hill & populated with rats, attracted by the trash in the back yard. Of course it had no electricity, heat. & that’s when they had a home. Nor, much of the time, was there much food. The kids scavenged through the garbage at school and got odd jobs. The parents, too emotionally unstable to hold jobs for long, even stole money from the kids to feed their own addictions. They ran constantly from creditors. Every escape and worse dwelling was “spun” as a new adventure. & in every new locations they fought incessant and brutal bullying with venom, glee, and ingenuity. Dad certainly was fun – most of the time – smart, & even helpful once in awhile. Mom, from a rich background, an artist & wise-sounding philosopher. The kids wanted out so bad, yet they feared child services would come and split them up from each other. They endured and used every ounce of their intelligence and indomitable spirits to escape together, to NY, where people ridiculed them for thinking they knew anything about homelessness. Change your place, change your whole identity. And they lied like hell to preserve it. The narrator ended up with a scholarship to an Ivy League school, living on Park Ave, and working for a prestigious magazine. (saved by words) Mom & Dad preferred squatting and getting by than taking hand-outs. Proof that maybe we do get the life we want and direct our efforts toward. 

I’d highly recommend the book.


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