Manifesting; need help

Manifesting; need help

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and hearing about manifesting. Focus on and it shall be. Write down what you want and it will come. Chase and you will find. I’ve seen The Secret and read some Scientology about the concenp and how the universe delivers what we most need while we envision how we’d like income to come. I’ve pretty much conjured up my ideal life which I live every day except for dwindling hours at paid job. This makes me nervous and I’m not finding, tho am looking, a supplementary job in the morning. I’m not available enough? The universe saying that I don’t need an extra job at this time? That I should just keep on writing and painting? A sign that Pool Party will sell well and royalties will be enough? Which leads me to what I want to ask.

If you might enjoy a funny story about a woman who wants a chage and moves to Florida to live life as an artist while becoming involved with addict men in crazy adventures, check out Pool Party, available mostly wherever e books are sold. $6.

I believe in the power of thought: I also believe in the power of words and of asking.
And if you like it, tell others.
I live to entertain: my next novel, Walter and Susan, which I began before Pool Party, is nearing completion. I’ve also started illustrating another kids’ novel.

And so I remain; with one foot in the spiritual world and the other in the corporeal. Hey, we do have 2 feet. 🙂


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February 25, 2014 · 9:40 am

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