Hold on to your hats?

No. Hold onto your credit cards. Tightly. Because we’ve progressed back prior to the time when we thought a signature offered enough security. The chip and pin; not a bad idea. But this? Wave any part of your card anywhere near the terminal? Have we gotten so impatient we can’t even press 4 keys? I shudder to think how this could be abused in bars. I wonder if people will be so trusting leaving their purses lying around at house parties. How much do you trust the one night stand? Your room mate(s). Their friends (for those who have.) I’m glad I don’t. The worst damge my room mate could do would be chew it – after he got through my wallet.

So. Is JUST BECAUSE WE CAN enough reason to take the step “ahead”? Like processed food. We progress ourselves into harm.


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