Birdkeeping Artsy’s Musings on an interpretation of Relativity

Birdkeeping Artsy's Musings on an interpretation of Relativity

We bodybuilding types – though I’m told bodybuilding is the wrong word now for people who just train with weights and use food to achieve muscularity and don’t incorporate steroids into the program. But, whatever you call us, to us, pounds are important. I’ve put on 4 since that photo last summer and am most distressed I can’t get rid of them. The side effects of being newly published and learning social media, I suppose. I refuse to believe it’s age. (I’m 51)
How much is a pound? i.e. How much volume/mass/space does one pound take up? My pet Blue & Gold macaw weighs a pound. Has anyone ever poo-pooed his insignificant size? Quite the contrary. One of the comments I most frequently hear reagarding his size: “Wow! Is he ever big.” So. x4? On my stomach? Not so insignificant, even minus the tail and feathers (easier to imagine if you see him fresh out of the shower). This hasn’t ruined my life. And this “logic” may not quite hold up because, I imagine myself next to 118 macaws. I suspect such a flock would out-mass me even if both sides of the scale balanced.
I’ll keep painting, writing, lifting, and rowning and steer very clear of the sciences


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March 3, 2014 · 11:01 pm

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