Where’s technology when it’s needed?

A friend with extensive medical conditions – cognitive impairment being one – recently needed to go into the hospital. Instead of a staff logging into a computer storage file – I’m sure one exists – to read patient’s medical history, an intern was sent to ask the patient about her conditions/medical history and make hand-written notes!!!!! What if the patient had forgotten to mention something critical? Or ever got tired of repeating the littany? Hospitals have excess staff to re-record the wheel!?! I won’t even get into freedom of an individual paitent’s choice. A person cannot run to his regular doctor, who is familiar with the conditions, tests, and treatment, if under  the “care” of “someone” else, like a hospital, who is not familiar (maybe cz they don’t look at the medical records) with the condition or treatment, nor will take patient’s requests seriously. What can they (patients) know – esp if they’ve admitted cognitive impairment.

And then there’s the missing plane. If not for the tragedy of the passengers involved, I’d applaud its heroic snub on today’s Big Brotherish surveilance systems. How that could be done, though, IS such a mystery. Even if a couple of countries conspired to hide evidence – radar images, pictures of an explosion, wreckage, pictures of debris – (hard to conceive in this satellite age), none of the passengers texted a friend/family on the ground about one sign of something irregular, such as an unscheduled landing or a crash? All the cell phones were confiscated? Not all at once, surely. Someone could have sent one last message? I bet the UFO believers have their proof that the flight was obviously abducted by aliens.

But yet, we still have the technology to download an app so we don’t have to wait on the phone an extra minute while calling a cab and to tweet a drop into an ocean.


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