Baptized Member

Baptized Member

I have passed the initiation of my new rowing club by successfully getting back into my boat (or more precisely, the club boat I was using at the time). After 8 happy years at the Vancouver Rowing Club in Coal Harbour, I’ll now be ocean rowing at Locarno – whenever I want. so much open water has spun me into a fever of excitement. Hopefully there’ll be no mysterious disappearance at sea. I’d like to stay alive to collect royalties. (buy my e novel Pool Party & help me stay financially afloat)(the rowing shells are very bouyant). Yes, you can sit sidesaddle on the gunwale and have tea – or write a novel – without hanging onto the oars, and not fall in. I look forward to my first real row on Fri. This was supposed to have taken place yesterday, but I didn’t activate my card correctly, so I ended up walking along the out-tide shore in a wet suit. I didn’t know legs could sweat so profusely. (I stripped out of the top) Certainly worse things could happen. I anticipate new adventures taking a passion to a bigger playground


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April 30, 2014 · 3:05 pm

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