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Osho on Love/relationships

& accepting this model sure contributes to mental and emotional health when you love and the other doesn’t love you back.

“When you don’t have love, & you ask the other person to give it to you, you are a beggar. It was your projection that the other had it. If you have a wrong projection, what can the other do about it? Your projection has been broken; the other did not prove according to your projection, that’s all. The other has no obligation to prove himself according to your expectation” – or hope.

I’ve been working on making explorations and accepting the outcome instead of getting all bent out of shape when it isn’t mutual. I try to find out when it is before too much emotion gets invested. Then, simply move on and enjoy the rest of life without moping or spoiling the joy of being healthy and alive – and rowing on the open ocean (esp on rough water)


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Me on Mental Health

Me on Mental Health

This piece is in the Mental Health “My Piece of Mind” show, currently showing at the downtown Vancouver Public Library from now until May 23. My accompanying statement re mental health:
Mental health is inner serenity. This means that no matter what is going on in the outside world, trying to remain emotionally quiet and looking on the event with interest and objectivity, deciding with the thinking brain what should be the best response to enable the most enjoyment from the situation. I like to use all my resources to turn negatives into positives, or walk away from negatives if possible. I remind myself that we cannot always change something outside ourselves, but only possibly be an influence, and to quietly persist when attempts seem to fail. Often, continued efforts do improve conditions and bring more happiness. I try to navigating life with stillness and beauty to help others relax, presenting and giving the best of myself that I’m capable of at that moment. Then I have no regrets, which further feeds inner serenity.

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May 10, 2014 · 12:31 pm