I’m supposed to blog. Part of the job of being a writer. Self-promotion. Which I hate. Right now, I’m too busy to have a thought. Which is a thought. Or a complaint. Negativity. But, writers try to be honestly in touch with feelings, right? Human nature, anti white-wash. But, we could focus on the positive bcz everything has 2 sides. Of course. In solving one problem a few years ago, underemployment, I found another job to generate income bcz I make no money from my writing and painting passions. (extremely nominal. less than these pursuits cost). Then hours at both jobs increased and I’m very over employed. Add commuting time. I like both my jobs & enjoy reading on the bus. But there’s too much of a good thing. I don’t know what to do besides wait. Asking for some time off is fine, if co-workers aren’t sick or holidaying or too busy with school. So, time off is “coming.” I just need to hold on. I’m holding. And right now choking on perfume or hand sanitizer or both at the library. All in all, I consider myself a very fortunate person – just struggling for balance.


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