Marilynn Tebbit is an author, artist, athletic hack, companion of a macaw, and holds a Bachelor degree in Education. She presently tutors for a living after a twenty-six year career in the food service industry. Her fiction is drawn from her former life with embellishments from her imagination.

At the age of sixteen, Marilynn left southern Ontario for oil booming Alberta. She went back and forth between Alberta and Ontario, finishing her education and gaining a degree from the University of Calgary and doing post graduate studies in creative writing (1994-1995, 1995-1996) with Aritha van Herk and (1999) with Fred Wah.

After a Florida vacation, Marilynn spent a marvelous five months as a snowbird in Florida, and returned to Canada to take up residence on the West coast.

Her mornings are spent writing and painting. On Sundays, she rows in Coal Harbour—trying not to defy a minimal number of water safety rules. For daily exercise, she pushes iron around in the gym.

Marilynn’s short story, “The Wine Dinner” was published in the Alexandra Writers’ Society Magazine in 1997. She received an honourable mention for her work “Life After Life” in the Paramont Realty short story contest (1980-1981).

Marilynn is an established professional artist whose work can be viewed at http://marilynntebbit.myartchannel.com/portfolio/prints/14572-fun-and-flowers



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